Top 3 Tips On How To Optimize Your Business Website For Better Conversions

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Here are The top 3 tips on how to optimize your business website taken from the special report “How To Make A Web Page That Turns Clicks Into Customers And Like Magic Takes Money Out Of Your Customers Pocket And Shoves It Into Yours.” By Michael Harwood


1) Know What You Need Your Website To Do

It’s important for you to understand the function you want your website to perform for you. In most cases the function of your website will be to make doing business with you irresistible and then open the lines of communication. If the function of your website is different to this. Just be clear on what it is and direct your call to action toward that outcome.


2) The First Thing They See Is The Most Important Of All

The landing page which is usually the home page is the most important page of the site. Spend more of this valuable home page real estate outlining the benefits of your product or service rather than giving a history of yourself that doesn’t answer your prospects initial questions. The questions you should be answering one the landing page are, what do we do? Why should you use us? What are the benefits of using us? What’s the next step we want you need to take?

The most important information needs to be seen above the fold. The fold of the page is the bottom of the top part of your landing page. The first part of your website that people will see before they scroll down. This part of your website is the most important part of your website because it’s where your potential customers will make the decision to keep investigating your site in the first 9 seconds or to click away where you will probably never have the opportunity to sell to them again.


3) Make Your Website It Easy To Use

Make your website easy to navigate around. The menu should be at the top of the page and clear with relevant links. This makes it easy for prospects to find what they need to take the decision to do business with you from a maybe or a no to a yes.

Simplicity is key. Do not by any means over complicate your website. Too much irrelevant information is overkill. If you believe that you need a long sales letter on your website to convert your customers than do it on another page after the relevant information outlining what your specialise in, your USP and the benefits.

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