How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress

How To Make A Website For Your Business

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Check Out The Training Videos Below That Show You How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress

by Michael Harwood

Ok so of you need to know how to create a website for your business with wordpress then this is the site to be with the videos to see. This is so cool and it’s all right here for you. I have put together a set of instructional step by step videos that are very informative and super easy to follow. I remember how hard it was to create my first website and how great it was to actually have one live. There were no videos like this when I started so it took a while to get it right. Now i’m happy to say with a bit of drive and purpose, you can easily have a site up and looking great in an afternoon.

I hope you enjoy these videos and i wish all the success in your business.

This first video will discuss the things you need to have ready behind the scenes. These are things like how to get your website name which is super important to know. Then you need to know a little about hosting for your website and how to get it and use it and make your website work with it. It seems like lots to know but don’t worry it’s pretty easy once you do it once and know what needs to be done.

Get stuck in..

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 1

Here’s the overview for video 1.

Hey it’s bizi guy from and today we have a very special presentation for you it’s an introduction to WordPress.

In these videos what we gonna do is show you how you can have your very own word press website up and running in less than an hour.

So just to let you know the bit about word press if you’re not too familiar with it, wordpress is web-based software that allows you to create beautiful websites and blogs. Thing about WordPress is its used by over 16 million websites around the world right now it’s great technology it’s proven it’s reliable and it’s always evolving and getting better. Another great thing about WordPress is its simple to use and if you’re just starting out that’s fine because there’s lots of tutorials and videos out there that you can get.

So now before you get started with WordPress there’s a couple of things that you are going to need. With WordPress we’re going to install it on your own domain so the first thing you need to get is a domain name if you don’t already have one so you can go ahead to a website like or go and get yourself registered with a domain name. I use name cheap myself and I’ve used them for a long time and I’ve never had a problem with them.

Now the other thing that you are going to need is a web hosting account and I recommend hosting that has a true cPanel or Control Panel back end. Now this is very important that you have a host that will give you a control panel to use. I myself use host gator but you can also use name cheap to get some great hosting services at a very affordable price.

So to update what you’re going to need before we go ahead and install WordPress is first of all your domain name and secondly your hosting account.

Now once you have all that you’re going to want to go to your cPanel your Control Panel and you can do that simply by typing in your domain name/cPanel to get there. From there you can put in your username and your password and then you’ll be ready to install WordPress.

One important tip you might need is if you register your domain account at a separate place to where you get your hosting, you might need to forward your domain name servers from the account where you bought your domain name to your hosting account.


So this next video will show you how to install wordpress. There is an easier way to do it but it doesn’t hurt for you to know both ways just incase your hosting doesn’t allow you to do it the quick way.

The video in part 3 will show you the quick way to load wordpress.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 2


Ok so this next video will show you the quick way to install wordpress using Fantastico De Luxe from your hosting cpanel. It’s so nice and easy that it’s quite impressive. Enjoy.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 3


Now once you have wordpress installed you’ll want to update it so that you are running the latest and most secure version of wordpress. Follow the instructions on this awesome video because it’s so simple to do that when you do it once you’ll know exactly what to do for next time.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 4

Ok now i’m sure at this stage you’re getting pretty excited as your website is getting the stuff it needs to be built well and do the job. There is some cool stuff in this next video that’s gonna show you how to make your business website more user friendly and also more search engine friendly.

You’re also going to see how you can create a page that becomes your home page that people see first when they arrive at your website. This is important if you have a business because on the homepage you want to let people know who you are, what you do, how to contact you and what type of action you want them to take. It’s also a pretty important page because when people arrive at your website it’s this page that will influence them in either staying on your site to ind what they want to leaving and looking else where if they’re not compelled to stay.

A quick hint for your home page. Pictures work great because they are instant and visual and can create a scene. Video is even better because they are engaging and people love watching videos. A video will also keep people on your site longer and that’s impressive for the search engines and therefor you’ll get looked at as having better content and seem more omportant.

Enjoy this next video.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using wordpress Part 5


With a little bit of know how you website can be adjusted to do so many cool things. There are pieces of software that can instruct your website to do these things. They are called plugins. The name explains it well. You plug them in and off you go. There are heaps of free plugins that you can get from inside of wordpress and there are also awesome plugins that you can pay for. It’s important to know how to install plugins and this video will show you how. You’re not far now from being a wordpress expert. Get going and enjoy.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 6

Ok so now you probably want to get your website to look a feel a certain way. You can adjust the look of your site to be wonderful and very professional looking. There are heaps of designers out there that have created themes that totally change the look and feel of your website when you install them. Knowing about themes and widgets is so cool and you get all the info in this next video.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 7

So now your website is starting to look and feel great. The next step is to put some content there. You will want to put some pages on your site. You might also want to have a running blog on your wordpress site where you can put some posts. For all of this super important stuff, this video is where the gold is. Have fun and embrace the experience. The world will soon know that you are there.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 8

If there is one thing you learn to make a habit in your web creating life it would be the following. Get good at adding content to your site and every time you put some text, put a picture or a video to go with it. This will make your site sticky. Sticky means people will spend more time on your site. It will provide a nicer experience for users of your site and will serve you better. Make it interesting. Make it a pleasure for people to spend their time there. This nest video is super cool because you’ll see how to add pictures and videos to your website. Use the force.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 9

Ok so now you are just about a wordpress champion. There’s one important thing missing. You need to get those menus on your website so that people can navigate from page to page. Don’t worry because it’s easy to get it happening. Don’t leave this out because it’s important to be able to navigate around your site to get to all of your content and people look to the menu bar to do this. If your menu is hard to find, you might find people will give up and be gone. Allow your visitors the pleasure of navigating around your site with ease. Learn how to create a menu for your site here on this next video.

How To Make A Website For Your Business Using WordPress Part 10

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