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Get Your Business On The first Page Of Google For Free!

Ok If you’re not doing this then you are missing out on some very cool stuff from Google.

I’m gonna tell you about it and then you’re gonna go do it ok? If you don’t have the time to do it, you can pay me and i’ll do it for you.

So when people are on Google and do they do a search for a local business using a geographic term in the search ie “DJ in Bondi” a list of local businesses show up on the first page somewhere under the top ads with a map near by showing where the businesses are that service that enquiry.

Go and have a look for your self when you search for your type of business in your area and see if you come up.

If you don’t, i’ll show you how to fix that if you do show up but not at the top of the list or not on the list at all i’ll tell you how to fix that too.

1. Google has moved all their cool local business listings from google maps to Google+. All you have to do is go to create google+ listing and create your own account. A google account can also be used for Youtube videos of for your business, google analytics so you can keep track of your website traffic, gmail so you can have an email address that you can manage outside your business one and heaps more other cool stuff.

2. Once you have created a google+ account which is similar to facebook, you can then go ahead and create your business’ google+ page. Do that here create google+ business page


3. Follow the steps accurately making sure all your business details are the same as on your website, your facebook and everywhere else. Use the same phone number

and address everywhere. Google should locate your business information using your phone number. If not just follow the steps and fill it in.

4. Once complete, go through the steps of putting as much information about your business on the page. The more pictures and videos you can put there, the better.

5. Google will ask you to verify that this is your business. Follow the steps to verify your business.

6. Once you are up there concentrate on growing your followers and even more importantly getting reviews from your customers.

Reviews from your customers are awesome because they show social interaction and can give your site a boost in the local rankings.

By Michael Harwood

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