How To Tell The World What Makes Your Business Special

How to tell the world what makes your business special

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Today we’re learning how to tell the world what makes your business special.


And welcome back to video number two.

In this video, I’m going to share with you a really cool strategy to communicate to people what makes your business special so they’re going to want to buy it from you.


In a lot of cases and me included

It was initially, it was difficult to try and communicate my value proposition to businesses because I didn’t know the strategy, right.

Once I learnt it everything changed.

So you’re going to find this video really helpful.

Stay tuned, take notes, and watch the whole thing.

And more importantly, actually, go and practice what I share with you today because it will make a massive difference to your business.

So to give you an idea of how this is gonna work, literally five steps, just five questions that you have to answer for your business, and when we put them all together, that’s going to make one seamless, fantastic structure that’s going to really communicate your message really good.

So I want you to write these questions down.

Question number one, who do you serve?

Now question number two is

what problem do you solve?

Question number three.

How do you solve it?

Question number four, what makes you different.

And question number five, what’s the benefit of what makes you different?

You know what’s in it, what’s in it for them, what’s in it for your customer.

So I want you to go through answer those five questions, and what I’ll do for you now is I’ll answer those five questions in my business so you can see how it all translates.

So, question number one. Who do you serve in my business?

I serve local businesses.

Okay, so that’s the answer for me.

Local businesses.

Question number two. What problem do I solve?

I help local businesses get more customers.

Question number three. How do I solve it? With digital marketing?

Question number four, what makes you different?

What makes me different is I consult one on one with the business owner to create a perfect marketing scenario.

Question five.

What’s the benefit of what makes me different?

So the benefit for me is that once I create this perfect marketing scenario for businesses, they can turn up and down their marketing as they wish when they need more customers, and that makes it really easy and stress less.

Okay, so now the way that it’s going to be put together is really simple.

Don’t miss this. Here we go.

“We help” question number one “to” question number two, “by” or “with,” question number three.

Then, “what makes us different?”

Question number four. And then, “which means,” question number five.

Okay, so now I’m going to put it all together for my business, so you can see how it’s done.

Are you ready?

Okay, “I help business owners get more customers with digital marketing.

The thing that makes me different is I work one on one with business owners to create a perfect marketing ecosystem, which means that the business owner can, turn up or down their marketing in an instant, whenever they please.”

Can you see how that flowed really simply from woe to go. Explained what I do.

Who I help, how I helped them, the benefits, and what it means to that customer.

OK, now I want you to go ahead and do it in your business.

That was a really cool and special tip that I shared with you today.

So if you like that one what I want you to do is subscribe to the channel so you can easily find us for more.

And make sure you click that notification bell so that when I release the next marketing video in the series, you get notified. Guys, the next one in the series is going to be a dazzler.

The next video is going to explain how you can create video for your business.

This one is super important, so make sure you watch it stay tuned and we’ll see you in that next one.

For now, have a great day and get busy.

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